We are in the process of preparing Llanidloes Church for opening in Advent.

If we get permission from the Bishop to reopen the Church, we have to reschedule the Mass times at Newtown.

We start our weekday Holy Masses this week. Please see the days and times of Mass at each Church. We follow a booking system for the two Masses in Welshpool (Sat. 6.30pm and Sun. 9.00 am) and two Masses in Newtown (Sat. 4.00pm and Sun. 11.00 am.) on weekends. In Welshpool we are allowed to have 21 people in the congregation at a time and in Newtown, we can have only 20. If you wish to attend any of these masses, the preferred way is to email the parish office (email address is Just give the names for whom you want to reserve and which Mass (Please mention the time and place). If possible, also provide a mobile phone number for the purposes of track and trace. N.B: I will only reply if you are too late and the places are all taken (so that you don’t have a wasted trip.) If this happens, feel free to reserve for another Mass or the following week. Places will be given on a first come first served basis. Booking for any Mass will only be possible from the previous Monday until Friday evening. Please be aware that you cannot book a seat for Mass further ahead.

if you do not have access to email or internet, you may ring the parish office but please do so during office hours to the following 01938 555657 or Fr Johnson on Mob: 07401441108.

As things develop, we may need to adapt this system so be sure to watch for up-dates. Please think of our parishioners who may find all this tricky and help them out if needs be. Please forward this message to any of your contacts who may be interested.

Please be aware that toilet facilities are NOT available.

Please bring your own Missal when you come to the Church for Holy Mass. For those who do not have an up to date missal, there is a free APP that is available to download -the daily Catholic Mass Readings on your iPhone or smart phone. The link is:


 CRIB OFFERINGS: Sensitive to the effects of COVID-19 especially on the small Christian community in the Holy Land as well as the constantly shifting politics of the region I have decided the Crib Offerings this year should be given to Friends of the Holy Land, Registered Charity No. 1130054 Donations can also be made direct to FHL via their website where further information about the Christmas Appeal can also be found.


Zoom Prayer meeting: A small group of parishioners are meeting each Tuesday at 7 p.m. by Zoom to meet one another and prayerfully reflect on the following Sunday’s Mass readings. We would welcome anyone who would like to join us. Please email Sister Helen if you are interested.

Youth 2000 Invitation: Youth 2000 is inviting families to a ‘Zoomed’ Evening of Reflection, Testimonies and Christmas Carols on Gaudate Sunday, 13th Decem-ber 2020 from 7.00pm to 9.00pm. Those who would like to participate in the Youth 2000 via Zoom, please contact me for zoom ID and Passward.

A Daily Advent Retreat, from the Maryvale Institute: The Evangelisation Of-fice in Birmingham is promoting an Advent video retreat (starting today, on Tues 1st December), comprising short video readings on the Jesus Prayer and encour-aging participants to pray this prayer. For more information, please visit:


Please take a look at the God Who Speaks website as there are new resources continually being posted especially in the education section.


 Information and resources can be found at or by emailing Fleur Dorrell at The now distinctly titled ‘The Bible and Catholics’ continues to be refreshed with articles, information, educational resources and devotional materials to promote the reading of and interest in ‘… the word of God given in sacred Scripture as an inspired testimony to revelation; together with the Church’s living Tradition, [it] constitutes the supreme rule of faith and the primary source of evangelisation.’ as well as presenting ‘in an unmistakeable way, God as the source of all splendour and beauty’ (Directory for Catechesis. 27 & 106).

On the website two items which are of particular interest are the day-by-day reading plan for S. Mark’s Gospel and also a resource for families for the lighting of candles week-by-week on their home advent wreath.


The Curriculum and Assessment (Wales) Bill currently progressing through the Senedd will have a detrimental impact on Catholic schools and Catholic fami-lies across Wales. This Bill seeks to end the rights of parents to withdraw their children from Relationship and Sex Education and Religious Education. This is a vital right for parents, especially Catholic parents who can’t send their chil-dren to a Catholic school, as it ensures these sensitive subjects can be delivered in line with Church teaching.

We are asking that people write to their Members of the Senedd to ask them to halt these changes. If you visit the website link below it will produce a template letter for your MSs. All you need to do is type in your name, address and email and click submit.

We need MSs to know how serious an issue this is for the Catholic community, so please take part in this campaign and share this with friends and family.


CAFOD is going to have the annual CAFOD Liverpool Fun Run again this year, but this time with a twist! It is going virtual as most other things in 2020 have. CAFOD are asking people to participate by running, walking or toddling 5km and donating money/gathering sponsor-ship. The challenge is on 27th December and Tim O’Brien will be taking part. He would like to personally invite you either to take part yourself and gather your own sponsorship OR if you prefer, you can sponsor him. He can make a total parish donation via the JustGiving site. If you just want to donate anyway, you can go on the Just Giving site yourself. For more details please contact on his email:


Please remember in your prayers for the well being of our religious Sisters and, priests of the Diocese, and we specially pray for our parishioners who are sick, housebound, in hospitals, hospices and care homes.

Gift Aid: If you are a Tax Payer Please consider making your offertory donation by using the Gift aid form or standing order. Please remember to write your name, address, sign and date. Thank you for supporting our Parishes